Welcome to our new website

We have recently updated our website with help from our friends at Amplify Creative. We will be adding more content as we go but please let us know what you think!

4 responses to “Welcome to our new website”

  1. Alan Griffin avatar
    Alan Griffin

    Well done Graham!
    My address is: Rosebank, Rose Bank, Bloxham,
    I am happy to have my e-mail address included.
    Best wishes,
    Alan Griffin

  2. Graham Clifton avatar
    Graham Clifton

    Well done Graham.

    Amendment for Steeple Aston.
    Tenor weight 12-2-16
    Contact. Dorothy Clifton, Stedman Cottage, Middle Aston, Bicester OX25 5PZ. email dorothyminett@btinternet.com
    Sunday ringing 10.15 to 11am.
    Remove the comment about one visiting band a month.

  3. Sue McCouaig avatar
    Sue McCouaig

    Hi Graham
    What a brilliant job you have done of the website, it is so easy to navigate. Thank you.
    I am part of the Bodicote band and I have looked at the details for Bodicote under “Towers” and note that Liz and Lionel Smith are down as the contact , however, they no longer live in Bodicote as they have relocated to Bristol. Martin Saunders is the Tower Captain, but I haven’t had a chance to tell him about the contact details on the website, and whether he wants his details included. Hopefully, he will contact you to update.

  4. Martin Saunders avatar
    Martin Saunders

    Hi Graham,
    As Sue has said, Liz and Lionel Smith are no longer at Bodicote and I am now the contact again. Please amend contact to:-

    Martin Saunders.
    Email martinsaunders46@outlook.com
    Phone 01295 265067

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