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Angela Elliott

Angela passed away on 5th February, following a long period of ill health. She has been an active and enthusiastic bellringer for many years and had a large number of friends in the world of ringing. She was a member of the Ladies Guild of Change Ringers for over 30 years and regularly attended meetings and Guild holidays. Much of her ringing was done at St James Church, Southam, Warwickshire, her local tower for a large part of her active life. Some 7 or 8 years ago she and her husband John moved to North Oxfordshire and Bodicote became her home tower. Despite increasing mobility problems she attended practices for several years before ill health finally prevented her from any ringing activities.

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Banbury Branch Quarter Peal Week

Our Quarter Peal week was actually 9 days rather than a week, but that doesn’t make for a very good title. It was a fairly modest affair, with 9 quarters attempted, of which we scored 7, which wasn’t a bad success rate. Earlier in the year a branch band had rung a quarter of Cambridge Royal – probably the first time that had happened for many a year – so we thought we’d push our luck with another attempt involving a few different ringers. Sadly that was a step too far and it just didn’t go, so we’ll have to come back to that on another occasion. We also lost one of Bob Doubles – again it just didn’t come together. However, we were very pleased with the ones we did achieve – several of them contained much excellent ringing and they were a joy to take part in.
For details see the peals and quarter page